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They are then shared and disseminated.

In general, people share fake news after someone from a close social circle (such as relatives, friends, members of the same political or religious group, for example) has shared it. As they are disseminate by known people, this guarantees fake news an aspect of credibility. And, in most cases, people don’t verify information before sharing these types of content. There are several ways fake news is spread : Through bot accounts and profiles , create to pretend to be real people or fake human accounts. Some of these accounts use a mix of fake accounts and automatic messages on hacke or stolen accounts, which facilitates the spread of fake news . By approaching groups and organizations , such as non-governmental organizations, internet groups and forums, social media influencers and other niches that support the cause.

Fake news is tailor-made to meet the beliefs of a certain group

So approaching this group’s niches guarantees that the lie will be disseminate. After all, why would you distrust something that confirms your opinions and beliefs? With government-controlled media platforms , which help to viralize stories, articles, texts, videos and audios create to reinforce the ideology of oppressive regimes, in addition Cambodia Phone Number Data to silencing and attacking opposition narratives. This is a strategy widely use in authoritarian countries. As these platforms are controlle by governments, there is no guarantee of credibility for what they disseminate – which can be considere propaganda, rather than information. With the use of different types of media to spread misinformation , such as videos, texts, fake websites, posts on social media, comments made by bots (or even human users), content made by influencers and even memes, in addition to several other formats.

The options have become even wider now with the widespread use of artificial intelligence

Which can be use to create content for a variety of purposes, but which, unfortunately, in addition to having a tendency to provide inaccurate information, can also be use to imitate the writing style of some authors in particular, raising concerns Cambodia Phone Number Data about the security of ChatGPT and other similar platforms. In general, it is necessary to consider that fake news is extremely volatile and adaptive because it is not tie to a single format, different from traditional journalism and press methods. Through the right platforms , like Facebook, for example – which is one of the most use social media platforms to spread misinformation, followe by Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube.