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Will artificial intelligence be able to buy for us?

If you have read any of my articles on artificial intelligence and more specifically on generative artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, Bard and similar), you already know that it is something that I find spectacular. But I think there is still time for this technology to start providing real value and much more for it to start changing things. So that you can think about the time left for this to happen, in addition to looking at Gartner’s artificial intelligence adoption curve , I leave you with this approach: If we have not yet assumed or understood the use of cookies, do you think we are prepared to incorporate artificial intelligence into our daily lives? Can you imagine an SME incorporating AI into its processes?

How will we apply artificial intelligence to the purchasing process?

But as I have said more than once, we have to train now to be ready when it really comes to our daily lives. In this sense, I really like Jeremiah Owyang ‘s reflection on the role that generative artificial intelligence category email list could have in the purchasing process. The basic approach is that artificial intelligence will be able to guide us in the sales process in a proactive way. Let’s see what he means. Artificial intelligence and purchase funnel Jeremiah Owyang Artificial intelligence in the purchase funnel Knowledge : the expected future of AI is that based on our data it understands what we need and anticipates our needs. Now we can ask ChatGPT for

Purchase consideration

Ef we are in the next phase, the contribution of AI could consist of comparing products for you and suggesting the Phone Number SA most suitable one (even based on data that you do not have present or of which you are not aware). Buy – The next step is to start shopping for yourself. I could add products that you have been looking for, that you need and can afford to your shopping list. loyalty : it could notify you that it has placed an order for the milk you usually drink because it knows it is out of stock, and it has also done so by applying a promotion on your loyalty card. All this is nothing more than a possible future. It is in our hands to think about it and evolve this technology so that it adapts to us.

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Maximize ROI with Our Product Industry Contacts

This is the result: take niches from other Maximize ROI niches Very important for the method This niche has 17 more websites with which he tries to make a living; As you may have observed, the tool only gives us 10 domains and that is not bad. To speed up the method, you have to pay for the tool , even if it’s only for a month. I have looked for niches and I have found people who were over 40. If you don’t take advantage of this, you will lose many opportunities. You must write down all the domains that this tool gives you in Excel to be able to pass them through the second tool. I do it in Excel because then I use measurements and that way.

Domains and that is not Maximize ROI bad To speed up the method

I don’t have to copy it twice, but you can category email list use any application that stores text. Second step, using Ahrefs to locate your competitors In this case we only need Ahrefs to know which websites are most similar to the one we are examining, with this we will get more niches: In the Site Explorer of the tool you enter the domain. Next you go to the “Organic Search” option On the right you can see a list called “Top 10 Competitors” looking for niches with ahrefs Can you guess what’s coming next.

Explorer of the tool you enter the domain

Well yes, we write these niches down Phone Number SA in our Excel, we pass them through DNSLytics again and we will get all the niches of that person again, one after the other, from there again through Ahrefs, with the music on the PC, or watching a series from Netflix, this is mechanical, we don’t even have to look at the niches that appear, just copy and paste, copy and paste… adsense niches to copy As you can see, a few are taken, specifically my Excel has 927 different niches : Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain…. Follow me on twitter!

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Lessons learned after selling 1 year on Amazon Spain

Lessons learned  Those who follow this blog already know that I am co-founder of Quondos. It is a video platform to learn how to start online . Therefore,businesses from scratch . What differentiates us from others is that we always talk about our own experience. The course of selling on Amazon therefore could not have been done any other way.

The great challenge – finding a 100% reliable product supplier Lessons learned

Lessons learned The great challenge – finding a 100% reliable product category email list supplier We have carried out different avenues of collaboration. We have worked. Therefore, both on dropshipping models , we have placed orders through local importers and we have also purchased directly on Alibaba from Chinese manufacturers. All of these avenues have a great challenge in common: you need a 100% reliable supplier. These are the main problems. Therefore, we have had to face: “Surprise” shipping costs that doubled the cost of the.

Optimizing product pages – the key factors

Optimizing product pages – the key factors One of the main tasks when Phone Number SA you start is optimizing product pages. There are different. Therefore, factors that must be taken into account to appear on the first page when someone searches on Sales : without a doubt one of the most important factors is the sales you are. Therefore, achieving. It’s a bit like the dog that bites itself in the tail because if you’re not positioned you’re going to have a difficult time.

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Pushcrew: Push notifications for your website

Discover how to easily add push notification functionality to your website to connect in real time with your audience. Listen, one is already amazed by how things change and the twists and turns that life takes . I can not believe. Well, I freak out and I also get dizzy. Well, aren’t they now saying again that the digital whiteboard is crap for school? I spent all summer saving for the Tablet… And not only that. Look now for what she has given to the group: for push notifications. Come on! Pushamonos cough, there like pushacos!! How strong.

Push Notifications for Firefox and Chrome

Did I notify? Oysters! Push Notifications! It’s cool (I think while telling myself that I have to finish the presentation and I shouldn’t get distracted). Take advantage of that feeling of urgency? Can I communicate with my readers in category email lis real time? Do you notify them at the exact moment? Not having to compete with the email list? Yuju! (Can you imagine my excitement upon understanding its power?). Oops. Eeeem, sure, wait, why would you accept that I can send you Push notifications? : Because you are reading this post and want to see how it works .

Add push notification functionality to your website

After seeing the topic, I couldn’t help it. The sense of urgency overwhelmed me: either I write about this or I will miss the opportunity . I have found 2 tools that make it very easy: Puschcrew . In the end I decided on her because she seemed more serious to me. The price is $25 a month that she gives me, which Phone Number SA is very expensive. We’ll see if she compensates. PushConnectNotify . I have seen this on another website and it has the advantage that, after accepting the notification, it offers you the possibility of subscribing by email. It’s not bad and its price is $19 but… as far as I know, I liked it less.

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Maruchan Japanese Soups Come to Archer Troy

The independent Mexican agency Archer Troy continues to take over new industries, now that of instant soups. With new ideas and content, promotion and social media campaigns in different formats. Media for the brand originally from Minato. Tokyo: Maruchan. After months of hard work, the team at Maruchan México and Archer Troy cooked up a first campaign under the concept FOR WHEN YOU NEED TO BE A CHEF , made up of three audiovisual pieces in different stages.

Maruchan Ramen is the best option

To save the day when, unexpectedly, hunger knocks at the door and the table must be served. Today two of those three pieces are already on the air. This category email list campaign is the new launch of the brand in 2022, on television stations throughout the country and in digital media, in addition to having print at the point of sale and outdoor media. Thus seasoning the table of all Mexicans in a very creative and fun way. Maruchan Soups is a leading brand in its category, championed by the renowned Chef Mariano Sandoval


That over the years has managed to position itself as the preferred and loved instant soup among its youngest consumers. as thus joined the Phone Number SA vast variety of campaigns that the Archer Troy agency will be creating for Maruchan in the coming months. «We are very happy to introduce this new client to the company and in what way. Sopas Maruchan is a brand that every agency would like to have and we are convinced that we will create great ideas for them. Commented Mike Arciniega, director of the independent agency. Thus, Archer Troy continues to grow as one of the best agencies in the country