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The IGP-M is often used as a basis for calculating rent increases

This means that, when the IGP-M rises, rent values ​​also rise, and vice versa. For renters, an increase in rent can represent a significant additional expense. Therefore, they need to be aware of variations in the IGP-M.  As this can directly affect their monthly expenses. Lessors, such as property owners and investors, must monitor the IGP-M to ensure that their rents are in line with inflation. With a practical real estate website, system and application. You will have plenty of time to focus on what really matters: Selling more. Property investments Investors who invest in real estate as a form of investment are also impacted by the IGP-M. The value of properties is directly related to inflation and price variations in the market. When the IGP-M increases, property appreciation tends to follow this trend, which can be beneficial for investors.

Therefore, although the IGP-M is a relevant indicator

It is not the only one to be considered when making real estate investment decisions. Valuation of real estate assets Real estate agents, managers or owners of real estate agencies use the as a reference to evaluate the market value of properties . The IGP-M variation is one of the factors considered when pricing a property. Especially when it comes to Vietnam Phone Number Data commercial properties and investment locations. A positive variation in the IGP-M can increase the perceived value of a property and influence the decision to buy or sell. Therefore, for real estate professionals, monitoring the IGP-M is an important part of their work, allowing them to make better decisions about property prices, etc. Inflation in construction The INCC component of the  is particularly important for the real estate sector.

When the INCC rises, construction costs increase

This can lead to additional costs on construction projects. Which can be passed on to homebuyers in the form of higher prices. Therefore, construction companies and developers closely monitor the INCC to manage their budgets and make strategic Vietnam Phone Number List decisions. What is cumulative The accumulated  is nothing more than the sum of the Index values ​​over the last 12 months. As we mentioned, it is used to guide the indicators of rental contracts on the date stipulated by the contract. It is worth mentioning that the may or may not be used for the adjustment .This is at the discretion of the owner and the real estate agency negotiating the rent. How to monitor the IGP-M? Monitoring the  is essential for real estate market professionals. Fortunately, accessing information about the IGP-M is easy.

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The Foundation also publishes the accumulated rate for the year up to the current month

In addition to the accumulated rate for the previous 12 months. Thus, it is possible to check the changes in the index over this time. Why does the IGP-M vary? The variation in the IGP-M occurs due to several economic and seasonal factors that influence. The prices of products and services monitored by the sub-indices. Some of the main reasons that lead to variations in the IGP-M include. Supply and demand: The basic law of supply and demand directly influences wholesale and retail product prices. Increases in demand or disruptions in supply can cause product prices to vary. Climate: Climatic variations, such as droughts that affect agricultural production, can lead to price increases in agricultural products, impacting the IPA.

Economic policy: Government decisions, such as changes in interest rates

Fiscal and exchange rate policies, can affect inflation and, consequently, the IGP-M. Labor and materials costs: Civil construction is subject to fluctuations in labor and material costs, which influences the INCC. External events. Global events, such as economic USA Phone Number Data crises or international conflicts, can affect commodity prices and, in turn, the IPA. Seasonality: Some products have prices that vary seasonally, like fresh foods. These variations are reflected in the CPI. The combination of these factors leads to the monthly variation of the IGP-M. Which is widely monitored by real estate market professionals to make better decisions. How is the IGP-M used in the real estate market? How IGP-M is used In the real estate market, the IGP-M is mainly used to adjust rental prices, as it is considered a more stable indicator.

It is worth remembering that in addition to the IGP-M

Rental contracts can be readjusted according to the IVAR , an index made especially for this purpose. And there are also other indices that can USA Phone Number List be used for such adjustments, such as the IPCA, for example. Which measures the country’s inflation. But returning to the IGP-M, when we use it to readjust the values ​​of rental fees. The basis used is the accumulated IGP-M for an entire year, and not just the monthly calculation. In sales transactions, the Index only applies to the correction of installments relating to completed units or installments that are charged after the completion of construction. Based on this information, the IGP-M is very relevant to the real estate market, check out the main reasons: Rent adjustment As we mentioned, one of the most visible.

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Find out how the General Market Price Index works

The IGP-M is an important indicator for the Brazilian economy and for several markets, including real estate. Find out how the  The acronym stands for General Market Price Index and this index is calculate every month by FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas). The calculation use to define this indicator considers many variables, some of them are. Agricultural raw materials and consumer products in general. Therefore, at the end of each month, the index is release and from there. The sectors use it to carry out their actions and make important decisions. The index is use for various price adjustments, which may affect services and products, such as electricity and property rental.

Therefore, anyone who works in the real estate market must pay

Attention to this indicator, because, as we know. There is a lot of bureaucracy related to real estate transactions and this index is an important point in some processes, such as rental contracts , for example. And not having knowledge about certain UK Phone Number Data subjects can harm the real estate professional’s performance. So even if you have already heard about the IGP-M, it is interesting to delve deeper, understand its concept and its influence on the price of a rental or property. Therefore, today we bring you an article about IGP-M that will help your understanding, check it out: What is IGP-M? IGP-M The IGP-M is an indicator for monitoring Brazilian prices. Therefore, it is one of the indices used to monitor national inflation.

The index is an average of other FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) indicators

Check out what they are. IPA – Broad Producer Price Index: it measures the price variation understood by producers and has 60% weight in the IGP-M calculation. IPC – Consumer Price Index. It estimates the price variation that affects the end UK Phone Number List consumer and has 30% weight in the IGP-M. INCC – National Construction Cost Index. This estimates the costs related to civil construction and has 10% weight in the IGP-M. As we can see, the General Market Price Index considers many variables and that is why it is done every month, to always stay up to date. The calculation period is usually carried out from the 21st of a month to the 20th of the next month, remembering that the index also considers current inflation in Brazil.

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How does the Property Registry Office work?

When the search phase for a property ends and the client finds what they really wanted. How does the The time comes to formalize the purchase and sale negotiations and define who owns the property. And it is at this moment that the property registry enters into negotiations. Registration must be carried out at the registry office where the property is located, and is only inspected by the Judiciary. After obtaining all the necessary certificates. It is necessary to draw up the purchase and sale deed at a notary’s office and transfer the property’s registration. This entire process must be carried out at the registry office in advance. Furthermore, the expenses for property registration are borne by the purchasing party at the time of entry of the document to be registered.

Generally this entire process occurs as follows

The registry office will receive the property’s documents, such as public deeds. Purchase and sale contracts, mortgages, etc. These documents must be presented by those involved who wish to register or carry out an endorsement. Document Analysis: Next, an analysis of the documents presented will be carried out to check whether they are UAE Phone Number Data regularized and in accordance with real estate legislation. He will also verify the authenticity of the signatures and the validity of these documents. Property registration: After this analysis and confirmation that the documents are adequate, the Notary’s official will register the property. In other words, information about the property will be placed in a book and then in a system making the registration official and identifying it at the Notary’s Office.

The registry office may also issue certificates proving the legal

They can be requested by owners, those who want to buy, lawyers, etc… Announcements. As we have already mentioned. If necessary, the notary will also carry out endorsements, such as mortgage, transfer, change in the owner’s marital status, among others. In general, this is how the Property Registry Office works, however, we emphasize UAE Phone Number List that how it works may vary according to local legislation. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult the Notary’s Office of the municipality where the transaction will be carried out. The need for registration with a notary for buyers and sellers As we can see. The Property Registry Office is very important, both for buyers and sellers of properties. And of course, it is also essential for brokers and real estate agencies. As it ensures that the property transaction is complete.

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The Property Registry Office is essential

The real estate market, as it provides a guarantee of legal security in real estate transactions. Records and organizes important documents, issues certificates and offers guidance. Of course, its main role is to prove the current ownership of the property, verify previous owners (20-year period), certify that the property is free of pending issues and analyze the property tax situation. What is the role of a Property Registry Office? The primary function of the Property Registry Office is to register properties and endorse documents relating to the property. Check out these and other functions performed by the institution: Property registration The registry office records documents that prove ownership of a property, such as: public deeds, purchase and sale contracts , donations, among others.

It formalizes the property and provides more security

Makes the property registry public: The institution also keeps the property registry updated and accessible to anyone who wishes to consult it, this means that anyone can check the legal status of a property before carrying out any transaction. Announcements: Annotations are notes made in existing records, they serve to inform of changes related Thailand Phone Number Data to the property, such as seizures, usufructs, marriages, inheritance, etc… In other words, they keep the record legally updated. Issuance of certificates: The Property Registry Office also issues some property certificates , such as a registration certificate, for example. They usually serve to prove the legal status of the property, so they are important for anyone who wants to buy, sell, or anyone else who wants to check the regularity of the property.

Guidance and advice: At the Notary’s Office

There are always employees available to answer questions and provide information related to property registration, necessary documents and other questions about property transfer. Therefore, the Property Registry Office is responsible for safely archiving Turkey Phone Number List documents and complete information about a given property. This way, whenever people need information about properties, they will have all the history in one place and from a reliable source. Finally, it is also the responsibility of the registry office to document fees and possible taxes, in addition to any changes that the registration may undergo. It is necessary that, whenever there is any action, for example, a purchase or sale, that produces legal effect, it is added to the registry office’s Property Registration Book. With a practical real estate website, system and application.

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Understand How the Property Registry Office Works

The Property Registry Office is a key element for all real estate transactions. It is important that those who want to sell, buy or rent a property know what this institution is, how it works and what services it offers. Firstly, property registration is not a simple procedure, it requires care and planning on the part of property buyers and sellers. It is important to highlight that one of the real estate broker’s roles at the time of the real estate transaction is that of a facilitator and consultant. Understand How  Therefore, the real estate professional must assist the client in this process to prevent both the buyer and the seller from having future problems and financial losses. Because we know that purchasing a property is the dream of many Brazilians, but this moment is not always all wonders.

There are procedures that must be carried out so that the property

They are usually bureaucratic and involve real estate documents, fees, etc. The Property Registry Office is a fundamental part of these procedures. The broker’s role in these more complicated stages is to calm the client and explain all the processes that the Taiwan Phone Number Data real estate transaction covers. Certainly, bringing this information will give the customer more peace of mind and confidence. That’s why any independent or real estate broker needs to know how the Property Registry Office works to comply with the processes correctly and guide their clients. To help you, we have gathered the most important information on the subject.

In this article you will find the following information

What is the Property Registry Office. However, What is the role of a Property Registry Office; Payment of fees; How the Property Registry Office works.The need for registration with a notary for buyers and sellers. What is the Property Registry Office? property Thailand Phone Number List registry office The Property Registry Office is an institution that registers and stores documents relating to properties. Considered a public body, it is linked to the Judiciary, acting through State delegation and is handed over to a notary through a competition. Each region has its Property Registry Office, it usually covers a certain area. Therefore, in this location, the responsible Notary’s Office must maintain an updated register of properties, identifying the owners.

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How to improve your property sales

If even with specializations and studies you still have difficulty selling, there are ways to increase your results as a real estate agent. Check out some of them. Plan: A broker, especially if he is a beginner, must have a good plan for his routine, as he will have to divide his time between different tasks and studies to practice the profession more efficiently. Furthermore, an independent broker needs to create his own strategies to attract properties, clients and make sales. So it is very important to have organization and use tools that help your work. Examples: calendar, real estate CRM, system for real estate agents , among others. Improve your service: A real estate agent who does not seek to improve his services is on the wrong path.

The broker will not be able to win over their customers

Therefore, improve your service, always be available to answer customer questions, be receptive, learn to listen, use a good CRM for real estate agents and apply sales techniques, such as SPIN Selling, for example. Invest in tools for real Switzerland Phone Number Data estate agents and real estate agencies: Unlike in the past, real estate agents now have several tools at their disposal that help sell more properties. Some we have already mentioned in other topics, such as real estate CRM, systems for brokers, etc… Furthermore, having a website for a professional realtor also increases confidence in the realtor’s services and consequently boosts your sales. A real estate website with CRM and system is ideal, and if it has integration.

These elements together can automate tasks and make

Customer and property management much more practical. This will leave more time to dedicate to other functions, such as intake and customer service. Be a prepared Taiwan Phone Number List real estate professional! The professional must be prepared to work on all aspects of the market, such as property valuation , rental and condominium management, drafting contracts, etc. Diversify your earnings and multiply your commissions. This way you will achieve the autonomy you dream of and establish yourself in the market.

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How to increase your earnings as a real estate agent?

A good reputation in real estate can attract more clients and allow you to charge higher commissions. Provide exceptional service and earn your customers’ trust. Enhance your negotiation skills: Efficient negotiation skills can help you successfully negotiate higher commission rates with your clients. Education: Professionals who want to stay in or enter this field need to seek new training to keep up with new market demands and be successful. Check out some realtor courses that you can take to grow even further in the real estate market. And keep learning about the real estate market, trends and sales strategies. Personal marketing: Invest in personal marketing strategies to attract customers. Have a real estate agent website , be active on social media and create a strong personal brand.

Pay attention to the regions with the greatest potential

Identify areas with high growth potential and focus your sales efforts in these regions. Understand customer expectations: Understand your clients’ expectations regarding commissions and be prepared to explain the value of your services. Maintain Sweden Phone Number Data transparency: Be transparent about how commissions work from the start. This helps avoid misunderstandings and build trust. Work as a team: If you work in a real estate agency, collaborate with your colleagues to increase the team’s productivity and success. Also focus on property rental: If the real estate agent is not having good results with sales, he can focus on rentals. As we saw previously, the rental commission is equivalent.

Evaluate the local market

Another way to increase your earnings is to study the property market and evaluate which properties are the most popular, that is, those that are easiest to sell. This way, even if the property is not worth much and the commission is not high, the number Switzerland Phone Number List of properties sold will be greater and the broker will be able to have a positive balance. A good tip is also to specialize in a market niche and, from there, study your ideal audience and the properties that belong to this niche. Believe me, a specialized broker’s service is much more valued in the real estate market. Offer quality services: The quality of service you offer your customers is fundamental. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your services to others and pay fairer commission rates.

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How is the real estate agent’s commission paid in the event of a property exchange?

In the case of property exchanges , there are always doubts about what the real agent’s commission will be like, since most exchanges do not involve payments but exchanges of goods. According to CRECI, the real  broker’s commission in the case of an exchange must be based on the market value of each of the properties being negotiated. How is the real eagent’s commission paid in case of launches? When selling new developments, generally in partnership with construction companies, the contracting company must pay around 4% commission to the real  agent. Therefore, in each of these areas there is a different remuneration opportunity. Therefore, as in any independent profession, you earn well or not depending on your effort and professional quality.

Factors that can affect a realtor’s commission

As we have seen, several factors can affect the value of a real agent’s commission, check out a summary of the main ones: Region: The commission may vary depending on location. In areas with higher property prices, it is common for Spain Phone Number Data commissions to be higher. Type of property: The type of property also influences the commission. Commercial or luxury properties generally have higher commissions compared to standard residential properties. Negotiation: The real estate agent’s negotiation skills also influence the commission amount. Some clients may want to negotiate a lower commission, while others may be willing to pay more for exceptional service. Real : If a broker works for a real agency, a percentage of the commission usually goes to the company. The percentage may vary depending on the real company’s policy.

Experience and reputation

More experienced brokers with an established reputation in the market may have more flexibility in setting higher commission rates. Be self-employed or work for a real estate agency? independent broker It is worth mentioning that regardless of Sweden Phone Number List whether you work in a real estate agency or as an independent real estate agent, you must have training in Real Estate Transaction Technician (TTI) . This course or another similar one is mandatory to obtain the CRECI , which is the registration to practice the profession legally. In the TTI course, professionals learn everything from the basics of the career to more advanced content. And to help you with this task, Tecimob has a partnership with IBREP (Escola Imobiliária).

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Who pays the realtor’s commission?

According to the law, the person who pays the commission to the real estate agent is the person. Who hired his services, and in most cases it is the seller/owner of the property who makes this contract. But it may also happen that the commission is remove from the amount paid by the property buyer. In all cases. It is mandatory that the documents formalizing the sale specify. The values ​​of the property and the broker’s commission, so that there is no misunderstanding between the parties or their responsibilities. When is the realtor commission paid. The commission must be paid after the purchase and sale /rental contract is signe, or after the real estate agent proves that he brokere the sale of the property. If applicable, the rental of the property.

According to Article 725 of Law No.

The Civil Code , the real estate broker’s or real estate agency’s commission must be paid when. The remuneration is due to the broker once he has achieve. The result foreseen in the mediation contract, or even if this is not effective due to the parties’ regrets.” Therefore, the ideal is for the real estate agent to have all negotiations recordd. Whether South Africa Phone Number Data through messages, emails, property visit form , purchase or rental proposal, among other documents that can be use as proof that their work was carrie out correctly. Read the article: How to guarantee your real estate brokerage fees. The realtor’s commission percentage: real estate brokerage commission In general, according to CRECI-SP , the real estate agent’s commission is 6%, but it depends on the type of property being sold.

According to the CRECI-SP table

The percentages are as follows: Sale. For urban property sales: 6% to 8% For rural property sales: 8% to 10% For industrial property sales: 6% to 8% For judicial sale: 5% Rent: For property rentals. Equivalent to the value of 1 rental For seasonal rentals, with Spain Phone Number List a term of up to 90 days: 30% of the amount receive. Asset and real estate administration: rent and charges: 8% to 10% (with a minimum value of R$50.00). For real estate portfolios exceeding R$100,000.00 the commission will be between 5% and 10%. Real estate developments: sale of real estate projects: 4% to 6%. Allotments: study and sales organization (urban areas): 6% to 8%; study and sales organization (rural areas): 6% to 10%; Administration.