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Let’s accompany our audience throughout the entire purchasing process

This could be a good summary of the mission of every good marketing professional. TTherefore, his is what our strategy should achieve . Offer our future client everything they may need to decide to buy our product. This could be the focus of the conversation we had on June 23 in the Skiller Academy Tech Talks program (you can see it on channel 140 oTherefore, f Movistar Plus+). The program was presented by Juan Manuel Urraca and the guests were: David Grijalba, Therefore, Víctor García, Fares Kameli and me. As Juan Manuel said, we left several topics in the pipeline and I hope that we will soon have a second part.

Skiller Academy Tech Talks (on Business TV on Movistar Plus+ channel 140)

Featured content from the Skiller Academy Tech Talks program on.  Movistar Plus+: How would you define good practices in digital advertising.  How can companies adapt advertising content formats to different digital channels.  Therefore, Keys to using data to improve the user experience Who should manage a top industry data brand’s content? The company itself or an agency ? What content should I offer depending onTherefore, the phase of the purchasing process .  The data will tell us if the content really works How can content be used to generate a connection.  Therefore, with the audience and build a digital community around entrepreneurship

Who is digital mentoring for?

It is often said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears . Well, something similar happens in .  Mentoring.Therefore, For it to work, it requires that the mentee be clear about why and why he or she needs help. And for this it is good that you have some previous experience trying to do it by Phone Number SA other means, which leads you to this conviction. Marketing Therefore, mentoring is aimed at anyone .  Who is clear about this and has a project in hand. But the most common thing is that it is a company manager or an entrepreneur . Therefore.  How a marketing mentorship works In my case it always starts the same. The first thing is to make the best

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Will artificial intelligence be able to buy for us?

If you have read any of my articles on artificial intelligence and more specifically on generative artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, Bard and similar), you already know that it is something that I find spectacular. But I think there is still time for this technology to start providing real value and much more for it to start changing things. So that you can think about the time left for this to happen, in addition to looking at Gartner’s artificial intelligence adoption curve , I leave you with this approach: If we have not yet assumed or understood the use of cookies, do you think we are prepared to incorporate artificial intelligence into our daily lives? Can you imagine an SME incorporating AI into its processes?

How will we apply artificial intelligence to the purchasing process?

But as I have said more than once, we have to train now to be ready when it really comes to our daily lives. In this sense, I really like Jeremiah Owyang ‘s reflection on the role that generative artificial intelligence category email list could have in the purchasing process. The basic approach is that artificial intelligence will be able to guide us in the sales process in a proactive way. Let’s see what he means. Artificial intelligence and purchase funnel Jeremiah Owyang Artificial intelligence in the purchase funnel Knowledge : the expected future of AI is that based on our data it understands what we need and anticipates our needs. Now we can ask ChatGPT for

Purchase consideration

Ef we are in the next phase, the contribution of AI could consist of comparing products for you and suggesting the Phone Number SA most suitable one (even based on data that you do not have present or of which you are not aware). Buy – The next step is to start shopping for yourself. I could add products that you have been looking for, that you need and can afford to your shopping list. loyalty : it could notify you that it has placed an order for the milk you usually drink because it knows it is out of stock, and it has also done so by applying a promotion on your loyalty card. All this is nothing more than a possible future. It is in our hands to think about it and evolve this technology so that it adapts to us.

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What is my marketing strategy during the summer?

Maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but my feeling is that every year we waste an average of 3 months to grow our business and get ahead of our competition. Between summer, Christmas, Easter, long weekends, intensive days, etc. We spend much of the year starting and stopping. No, don’t think that I am proposing to live only to work, just to put a little common sense into our way of doing it. Every year we waste an average of 3 months to grow our business and get an advantage over our competition. Summer arrives and economic activity in general is almost completely disrupted. At the end of June, companies take their foot off the accelerator and begin to postpone projects until September.

Market activity should not block marketing

I’m seeing both extremes in my marketing mentorships . A company that is in the middle of the high season and another industry email list that is in the low season. Well, both have reduced their activity to a minimum. I imagine you’re thinking: ” How can that happen?” » In larger companies there is a certain structure that allows these things to happen less. But let’s remember that the vast majority of companies do not have the budgets or the people necessary to avoid it. In the first case due to lack of hands and the second due to lack of strength. The ideal is that the first would take the opportunity to sell more and the second would prepare for the new course. They both continue doing things, of course. But they are missing out on a number of incredible opportunities.

SMEs don't understand how marketing works

his is the real reason. They are clear that they need to do marketing to sell, but not what needs Phone Number SA to be done to make that happen. Some are clear about it, but they are not willing to bet on it. For marketing to work we must work all year round. Starting from a good strategic definition, each month’s work is divided into the short and medium term. What things should I attend to now and what things should I prepare? (let’s plan for a lifetime). Digital marketing strategy for summer This brings me to my initial approach and a question that many SMEs ask: How can I give my best during high season? Taking advantage of the rest of the year to prepare.

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Maximize ROI with Our Product Industry Contacts

This is the result: take niches from other Maximize ROI niches Very important for the method This niche has 17 more websites with which he tries to make a living; As you may have observed, the tool only gives us 10 domains and that is not bad. To speed up the method, you have to pay for the tool , even if it’s only for a month. I have looked for niches and I have found people who were over 40. If you don’t take advantage of this, you will lose many opportunities. You must write down all the domains that this tool gives you in Excel to be able to pass them through the second tool. I do it in Excel because then I use measurements and that way.

Domains and that is not Maximize ROI bad To speed up the method

I don’t have to copy it twice, but you can category email list use any application that stores text. Second step, using Ahrefs to locate your competitors In this case we only need Ahrefs to know which websites are most similar to the one we are examining, with this we will get more niches: In the Site Explorer of the tool you enter the domain. Next you go to the “Organic Search” option On the right you can see a list called “Top 10 Competitors” looking for niches with ahrefs Can you guess what’s coming next.

Explorer of the tool you enter the domain

Well yes, we write these niches down Phone Number SA in our Excel, we pass them through DNSLytics again and we will get all the niches of that person again, one after the other, from there again through Ahrefs, with the music on the PC, or watching a series from Netflix, this is mechanical, we don’t even have to look at the niches that appear, just copy and paste, copy and paste… adsense niches to copy As you can see, a few are taken, specifically my Excel has 927 different niches : Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain…. Follow me on twitter!

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Your Product Industry Network Starts Here

We must choose a winning niche, one that Your Product will propel us to success in a short time. The method I used was to get ideas from people who already make a living from this; With one tool he monetized all his niches and with the other the niches of his own competition. The niches I found in one tool I passed through the other and so on until I had almost 1,000 niches to choose from. To your surprise, I will tell you that I did not spend more than one afternoon working on what I am telling you, I will give you a quick summary of how to do it and what tools I use, so that you can also replicate it. Starting with the method: search and selection of profitable niches for Google Adsense .

Monetized all his niches and Your Product with the other the niches of his own competition

To carry out this method, the first thing industry email list we need is a website that monetizes with AdSense, and not just anyone will do, it has to be from a niche site. We already know that a nichero does not live off just one website, so we are sure to be able to get several more from them. To find a nichero we just have to go to a government’s website and see what procedures appear; In this case I have chosen the page of the Argentine government, just go to the Home page and make a simple click to be at this point: How to find profitable niches You can use any type of procedure, service, etc… because almost all of them will take you to these websites.

Website and see what procedures appear

In my case, the Phone Number SA search I am going to use is “cuil record” and I will try to locate at least one EMD domain to run it through the first tool. Nicheros don’t appear? If you can’t find any niche website, you can use Google’s autocomplete to add one or two more words to the query, or simply search for another procedure and they will appear. The niche where I am going to start is “”. First step, we are going to use DNSlytics to check which websites nicheros monetize Now that we have located the niche, we go to this tool and in the Reverse Tools section we click on the Reverse Adsense option and in its search engine we enter the domain that we had saved.

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Quality Leads for Product Industry Success

This section explores the impact of social media Quality Leads. Navigating. The on politics and activism, including strategies for leveraging social media. Platforms for political campaigns and social causes. Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting. And generating buzz around events. This section explores. The countdown that we all have when we try to live off the internet. I am just another guy, with family and obligations, who is excited about this world and fights. Every day to make a living from it. I try to combine it with my daily life as best. I can, although sometimes it is a very difficult task. I value time above all else and from. My point of view it is the most valuable resource in the world , because it never comes back. I try to use it in the best way possible, since the time.

Countdown timer and Quality Leads it is vitally important

Whether you are in my situation, or top industry data in a different one, you will agree with me. That when it comes to making money through SEO. Time is key. I’m telling you right away that I’m not referring to the time you have to wait for a website to rank . When you seriously consider making SEO your way of life and you begin the journey. Your mind starts a countdown timer and it is vitally important not to fail, or fail as little. As possible, in the decisions you are making. You learn from failures, but they will also make you lose your mind and not follow the right path, stumbling from one idea to another without achieving anything.

Countdown timer and it is vitally important

If the counter Phone Number SA reaches zero and you haven’t seen results, you leave it, but… What happens if you manage to see results? I will answer this at the end of the post. Any SEO will tell you that websites have to be given time to start positioning, some take 2 months and others a year. This is as true as a temple, but they will speak to you from an SEO point of view and the moment you start the fight it is more mental than a question of SEO.

Since I have recently had this countdown and I know what I’m talking about, I’m going to try to explain to you how to win the most important game, which is nothing more than starting to monetize decently to forget about pressures that prevent you from continuing to advance. I dedicate to the niches I will have to take away from my family and friends, so I try to make sure that all the steps I take forward do not set me back. after.

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Why should your brand advertise on Facebook

Are you interested in being one of the first to have my articles. Therefore, on Personal Branding and Social Media in your email? We are more than 30,000. Are you signing up? As a gift you get this Ebook from the Community Manager Claudio Inacio – Ebook – Complete Guide for the Community Manager Name E-mail I have read. Therefore, and accept the privacy policy SUBSCRIBE! Responsible for treatment: “Clàudio Filipe Russo Inácio”.

Why should Video ads 

Operation of your email contact list advertising campaigns. 3 billion people use Facebook, and that’s excellent news. It offers the ability to reach and viralize advertisements, at a low cost. Excellent. Therefore, way to capture information about your audience with interactive Why should publications that allow you to collect important data about audiences. Advertising on Facebook is economical , you only pay for each click and/or conversion received. Ability to measure how your ad budget is spent and measure its effectiveness. Facebook advertising is easy thanks to its free, integrated statistics panel. How does Facebook advertising work.

Types of Facebook

You will use one Phone Number SA Management of subscriptions generated and downloads through the website, sending publications, recommendations and advice on marketing and social media. Legitimation: its legal basis is the consent Why should of the interested party. No data will be transferred to third parties, except under legal obligation. You have the right to access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, by writing to [email protected] as explained in the additional information.

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How advertising on Facebook works

If you do not provide the personal data requested in the form as mandatory, it may result in no be able to fulfill the purpose for which they are requested. The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by MailChimp and the data you provide us is located on its servers whose headquarters are located within the territory of the EU. You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection at this link. On Facebook you can promote almost anything. From a website, an event or an app.You can target your buyer persona or target audience with segmentation and interests.

Complete information

 On top people data Facebook you should know that advertising on Facebook is done through ads. These ads have multimedia content (images or video) and text. Therefore, which can be segmented according to the type of audience we want the message we are transmitting to reach, which can be: by location, age, interests and much more. And before creating the ad or ad sets, it is important to define what the final objective of the ad. Therefore, because then you will know what type of campaign you will need to create. Depending on your objectives.

How advertising

You will use one Phone Number SA type of advertising on Facebook or another. And also. Therefore, you will define if you will pay for: CPC, ideal for getting traffic to your website or conversions, or by impressions (CPM), more suitable if you want to improve the visibility of your brand. In short, this is how Facebook advertising works. If you want to see how to create a Facebook ad, check out this Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads . And to finish with this introduction to Facebook advertising,Ads is the possibility it offers us in terms of segmentation . Other advantages are.

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What is Facebook Ads, advantages

I (Elena) prefer to talk about having a system in our organization that allows us to manage talent, understanding it as a process in which the recruitment phase corresponds to all the actions we carry out to identify, attract and incorporate the talent most appropriate to the needs of our organization. Look at an example of an interesting tool that can help you in this personnel recruitment process.Facebook is one of the social networks with the largest number of users worldwide . Thanks to the Facebook Pixel and its API installed on your website, you can advertise your products or services to a segmented audience, since you know the behavior and interest 

Email Marketing

Example of software for the email leads recruitment and selection process More and more companies are thinking about technology to achieve success and hire. What is the best candidate. Bizneo HR’s recruitment and selection software professionalizes and optimizes each of the key phases of the process. When it comes to massively. Therefore, publishing and managing offers, its multiposting does so effectively on more portals than any other provider .they showed on your website. With this information, your advertising.

What is  appear

On the two powerful social Phone Number SA networks in a segmented way. In short, the reasons to use Facebook ads are: Facebook. Therefore, Instagram are some of the most used networks in the world. Segmented advertising. You can start creating advertising campaigns from 1 euro. Short-term results. You can remarket. Facebook Business. Manager receives changes and improvements often. In addition, Facebook Ads. What is have a lot of advantages that you should know about. Advantages of using Facebook ads As we have already seen, one of the advantages of Facebook.

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Personal selection process in 2023

Once hired, thanks to the suite’s evaluation module, it allows your suitability for the position and professional evolution to be evaluated. And now let’s see some benefits of using this type of processes and tools in companies. Advantages of the recruitment process in companies From this point of view, the recruitment process is essential for organizations to constantly. Therefore, Personal selection (+400 universities and +200 employment pages from around the world). example of recruitment and selection software  advance towards achieving their strategic and organizational objectives.

The advantages

Comprehensive email database talent management strategy and hiring the right workers will allow: Better quality hires. That the people we incorporate into our organization feel that they are contributing to a common purpose. A higher rate of loyalty to the company. That workers feel that they are growing. Personal selection as professionals and that will increase the level of fulfillment and satisfaction of the worker in the organization. Investing in having the most suitable talent contributes directly to improving productivity, the perception of well-being and, therefore, improving the work environment, essential factors to improve competitiveness.

Personal selection 

Increase the sense of commitment and Phone Number SA value contribution. Greater job satisfaction. Achieve organizational results. These are some of the benefits. Therefore, of carrying out a good selection process. to know how to carry out a selection process. Therefore, we leave you. Personal selection this funnel with the ideal process to create a labor recruitment system.But it doesn’t end there, it has advanced tools (killer questions, video interviews, scorecards or psychometric tests) to screen, evaluate and select the most differential talents.