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Tools for your strategy Digital Marketing or Online Marketing? Often, when we talk about Marketing done in the digital environment, we come taking-into across two terms: Digital Marketing and Online Marketing . Naming it like that, while differentiating one from the other, automatically explained this differentiation! But, apparently, “ digital ” was also adopted there in place of “ online ” over time, between 2012 and 2013.

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Check it out: Digital Marketing and Online Marketing analysis graph on Google Trends Despite all this, it is important to be clear that these two terms taking-into are synonymous . Right? But what about offline media?! It is a fact that Digital Marketing has gained a lot of space in recent years, however, offline media is still present in our daily lives! For example: billboards; Advertisements in newspapers and magazines; Advertising Latest database on TV and radio; SMS, etc. Even though technology is used for their creation and distribution, they are considered offline as they do not require an Internet connection.

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Therefore, these media have their place and can be integrated into Digital Marketing ! To get started, simply understand your target audience and choose the media that best suit your strategy. What are the main Digital Marketing strategies? There are several ways to promote a brand on the Internet . Some of them stand out for being . Very effective and offering great value for money. Such as the ones I will explain below: . Content  Phone Number SA Marketing Content Marketing consists of producing quality materials to attract and engage the target audience through: Publications on social networks.

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