Thanks to Bangkit now I aspire to be a machine

With the best curriculum and best experts.  learning specialist!” (Abid) As a machine learning student, Abid learn all the necessary skills needed to take Tensorflow Certifications from Google, both in Coursera platform as well as in class/instructor-led-training. This is not the first time for Abid to learn Machine Learning because previously he also worked on 2 projects involving image-processing. However, only in Bangkit Abid started to learn best practices of data science in a much-structured way. Not to mention, all 3,000 Bangkit students including Abid also had the opportunity to learn directly from industry experts, such as Laurence Moroney, Google AI Lead. In terms of courses difficulty, Abid gave 4 rating on a scale of 1 (very easy) to 5 (very difficult). So, he often worked late hours to finish his online self-paced learning at Coursera as well as his Capstone.

Project Simply because of inspiration

From his parents. Both of them always stay up late to prepare and cook ingredients for the following day. Their work ethic motivates him to always move forward in Bangkit towards graduating from the Program. Not only that, Bangkit also led his Capstone Team to work on machine learning solution for farmers. Based on season prediction, their tool helps farmers to decide what corps to plant. This idea stemmed from the fact that even though his hometown whatsapp number list is fertile and surrounded by mountains, most of the farmers there do not earn enough living. Abid is always keen of using machine learning as way of to improve farmers’ lives. In his previous project before Bangkit, he tried once to identify diseases in chili and potato leaves using machine learning.

Before he was often shy that he comes

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from “unknown” university. But now, having obtained “graduate” status in Bangkit, he feels more confident to step up into professional world and ready to compete with graduates from big campuses. His father is so proud of him being accepted in Bangkit because he always wants Abid and his brother to Phone Number SA succeed in education, much better than him. Abid also feels thankful and believes that his newly-acquired skills in Bangkit will be crucial for his next plan. What is it? He plans to pass Tensorflow Certification from Bangkit and later, build his own IT consultancy services for farmers, using data science as benchmark. In the end of the interview, Abid has a message to all students whose family are stricken by the pandemics, like him.

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