Learn to write a sales page that works

The sales page or sales letter is one of the most important pages on our website and also in our entire funnel . This is when you have to bring out all your potential so that the potential client goes through a small process in which they end up doing Learn to write what we want: one click to buy, book an appointment, fill out a form, or whatever. It’s the decisive moment, so we have to work hard to make our sales page impeccable. After having worked with very different projects, you see everything. In fact, it surprises me that even some businesses can sell online, offering so little (and bad) information.

Know your target audience in detail

Not to mention the user experience. But… that is a topic for another article. What generates the executive email list most doubts when approaching the sale of a product or service is: what do I write now so as not to sound arrogant or arrogant? Crashes, or as we copywriters call them, blank page syndrome, are totally normal. It happens to us and it is logical that it happens to you too. So today I want to share with you the tips and tricks that can help you write and structure a good sales page to increase your conversion. An effective solution if you don’t want to hire a copy.

Use a sales formula

Grab a pen and paper because I’m going to make you write down a lot! 1- Know your target audience in detail I know you think it’s obvious, but you can’t even imagine the amount of texts I see written “for anyone.” For example, if you want to sell a yoga course Learn to write for pregnant women, you will have to know their fears, concerns and desires in depth. Wanting to learn yoga to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy or have a better connection with the baby is not the Phone Number SA same as simply to relax. The better you know who your ideal customer is , the more concise your message can be and the more clearly the value you are offering will be captured.

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