The first thing you should do

The first thing you should do If you don’t have a business account in meta business suite yet create one at https business.Facebook . The instructions below contain information closely relat to this tool. To create a meta pixel follow these steps log in to meta business suite then click settings (gear icon) and company resources. Expand the “More” tab and find the item nam “Pixels” click “Add resources” go through the next stages of creating a pixel – enter its name (preferably one that contains the domain name) finally select which ad account the new pixel should be assign to (this is necessary) afterwards a new item should appear in the list of available pixels.

Find a tool in meta business

Check whether the right person (e.G. You) has permission to use this resource. Click on the “Pixel access” tab. Meta business suite – pixels tab pixel view in meta business suite. How to add a meta pixel to a wordpress website due to its flexibility Thailand Email List wordpress allows you to upload the meta pixel in several ways. I will give you the most frequently us methods one of them is easier than the other but the second one is recommend if you have a larger website and additional monitoring codes.  is download and save the pixel code we have just creat.  suite call event manager.  the appropriate ad account and find the pixel name in the list of support assets.

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In a new window switch to

Click it. Event manager feature in meta business suite. Event manager feature in meta business suite. You will then run the tool for examining data Thailand Phone Number List coming from the pixel but as it does not work on any website yet – you must select the “Add events” option and then “From a new website” . Since you have a wordpress website use the “Install the code manually” option . It should look something like this the values mark with crosses (x) will represent your pixel number . It is worth copying the entire code and its number to a separate document.

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