The monitoring code collects information

The monitoring code collects information This code is plac in the website resources most often in the header The <head></head> section. By correctly entering the facebook pixel you are able to measure the effectiveness and quality of advertising campaigns in meta On facebook and instagram). not only about the user’s appearance on the website (visit) but is also able to provide meta tools with information about adding a product to the cart adding products to your wish list using the search engine on the website filling out the contact form completing.

However its role has not chang

The transaction and other events that may be of interest to you in a business context each pixel has an individual number consisting of several digits so Bahrain Email List the website administrator can create such a code for his own nes and does not have to “Buy” or “Lease” other mety monitoring codes. It’s also worth remembering that as of the facebook pixel has been renam the meta pixel . and it is still a basic element of the advertising system in meta applications which helps advertising specialists analyze data. (meta pixel) the pixel is necessary if the plann advertising activities concern traffic and purchases via your website.

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How to create a facebook pixel

However before it can be install you must first create it. For this purpose there is a platform for managing company accounts on facebook – meta Brazil Phone Number List business suite (previously known as facebook business manager). Using meta business suite you manage all elements relat to the presence of your brand on facebook and instagram (and soon also on whatsapp). These may be pages advertising accounts apps product catalogues users and also the mention pixel.

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