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We recommend transplantation. Can you preict a heart attack with AIThe concept ofheart attack is the colloquial name for acute myocardial infarction . This is the death of a part of the heart muscle by blocking the flow of blood from one of the arteries. Being able to preict the occurrence of this event with enough time would completely change their approach. If we know who will have a heart attack in the coming years we would improve prevention . Traditionally doctors use a mathematical model to preict the chance of a heart attack . This is the Framingham scale which combines the following data Laboratoryespecially blood cholesterol.

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Blood pressure. Weight and height. Age and sex. Thus with artificial intelligence it would be possible to improve this mathematical forecast automating the calculation and adding variables . Some investigations that we will review below account for this progress The AI ​​that preicts a heart attack in the next 5 years Researchers at Sinai photo editor Meical Center develope a machine learning algorithm to read coronary angiograms . In this way its artificial intelligence assesses in seconds the size of the cholesterol plaques that patients have in the arteries that carry blood to the heart. With these data plus the learning that the technology has made.

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Which literally translates to “advice”. Consulting can be translate as a field of management dealing with advising business entities. Most often, consulting services are associate with large organizations, but smaller companies also use this type of assistance. In business, consulting is contracte, external, objective and Phone Number SA independent advice, which is base on an analysis of the company’s initial situation, diagnosis and removal of existing errors or problems it is struggling with, as well as the implementation of new, well-thought-out solutions aime at improving the functioning of the company and its development in a specific area.

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