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Blog articles; Videos; Infographics; E-books , among other types of content! This helps brands position themselves as a reference in their market niches , creating a relationship of trust with the consumer and generating long-term results, just as Orgânica did for one of the largest wineries in Brazil: With Content Marketing , we helped Famiglia Valduga increase its online sales by 1783% by creating a blog with content related to the world of wine and gastronomy.

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Just look at this sample of keywords , ranked in first position, in search engines like Google: Sample of keywords ranked in the Famiglia Valduga case To learn everything about the strategy, visit: Tip: How a content empire increased sales by 1783% IF THE SEO is the set of techniques that make a page special data appear in the top positions of Google search results and other search engines. It is super important because, when asking questions and searching for products or services on.

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The Internet, we tend to click on the first results that appear. It is not? Therefore, being well positioned is essential to not only increase visibility and visits, but also sales! Here at Orgânica, we do SEO for our clients and even apply it to our own strategy: We have already reached the top of Google results — and defended our positioning in the top  Phone Number SA three positions — for more than 645 keywords ! Check out more details here: From 0 to 90 thousand visits per month: Organic.

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