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You can also offer additional services such as beauty baths, nail clipping and training to increase your earning potential. That means you’ll likely need training and grooming certifications and also liability insurance to care for other people’s pets. If you don’t want to turn your home into a pet hotel you can advertise yourself as a live-in pet caregiver or dog walker a live-in pet sitter is that you can run other online businesses while living in people homes.

A subscription service to an annual subscription

Service that continues to be popular and is the perfect small business to run from home. You can offer gift boxes of courses or publications such as a newsletter. Many people appreciate the personal touch of a monthly treat and often purchase Chile WhatsApp Number List subscription boxes as gifts for close family and friends. The wonderful thing about a subscription service is that you have more financial stability each month which means you can better plan and organize your business.

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You can also subscribe to services based

On your unique skills and hobbies so you don’t need to undergo training or qualifications. If you’re creative you could create subscription boxes with handmade products such as sauces or skincare products. Or maybe you have Singapore Phone Number List a unique local product to offer the world. If you are an expert why not create a monthly newsletter with tips and tricks? Subscribers would love to know which games offer the best odds or how to get up to back on all losses. Take advantage of drop shipping Many home-based entrepreneurs have created successful small businesses by leveraging the power of drop shipping.

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