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There are cases where the property owner wishes to question

For this to happen, he must request a cadastral review or challenge. To be clearer, a challenge is a way of refuting some legal processes, whether they are evidence, people, arguments or decisions. During the cadastral review, data about the property , such as square footage, for example, must be reviewe and adjusted . In the case of a challenge, the owner must present evidence, such as an appraisal report, made by a qualifie professional, with a property appraisal course and registration with the CNAI , these in turn, can be engineers, architects and real estate brokers.

It is also possible to cancel the real estate registration

When registration errors are proven, such as two properties with the same registration number or when two or more numbers were registered for the Israel Telegram Number Data same property. How to identify the IPTU registration number? To identify the registration number, it is necessary to pay attention to the IPTU booklet. There is no rule, so your property registration number may have numbers and letters or just numbers. Generally, this data comes separately on your IPTU booklet, with a title in the field to identify it. example of property registration in IPTU Source: FGMAIS Remembering that the property registration and the real estate registry are different pieces of information.

While the real estate registry is responsible for

The physical description of your property, the registration is what establishes the legal situation. You will notice that the terms complement each other and Nigeria Telegram Number List this integration is important to provide greater security in real estate and credit transactions, thus improving the real estate experience and service for those who need to deal with it on a daily basis. Is it possible to update the real estate registry? real estate registry Keeping property registration data up to date is essential to avoid discrepancies, as already mentioned. All Urban Land and Property Tax taxpayers, whether exempt or not, can request the registration update of their property and possible corrections and additions to the owner’s data at the city hall or, in the case of some others.

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