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There are several ways to obtain this evidence,

Whether through WhatsApp conversations or emails. There are several  but the main one is the property visit form . It is proof that the broker went to the property with the client. Customer service.The broker must provide qualifie service to his clients, clarify doubts, provide correct information and act in a professional manner. Rights and duties of the real estate agent Realtor rights: Access to information. The broker has the right to access information about properties available on the market, such as values, sales or rental conditions. Among other information so that he can practice his profession.

Even if there is an association with a real estate agency

The real estate agent has his or her own autonomy. Professional recognition: It is a real estate agent’s right to have their profession valued and rules clarifie in the clearest and most transparent way possible. In other France WhatsApp Number Data words, he has the right to be recognize as a professional and to carry out his activities in accordance with the legislation. Remuneration and freedom to choose your commission. Firstly, it is the broker’s right to receive a commission or remuneration previously agree upon for intermediation in the purchase, sale, rental or exchange of properties.

However, it is up to the broker, as an independent professiona

To set the value of their services according to the region in which they operate. But of course, the commission value must Indonesia WhatsApp Number List be in line with the real estate market average. Not too high to avoid losing clients and not too low to avoid devaluing the profession. It is important to highlight that the average commission varies depending on the property being negotiated and the type of service being performed. But normally the average is 6%. Another point is that the commission must be paid regardless of the result of the transaction. As long as it is proven that the broker intermediated.

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