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Especially if they  Using a very strong password. Unfortunately such accounts most often fall victim. To mass attacks using a method called “Brute force” which involves repeated attempts. To guess the login and password to the account (until the account is blocked or cracked). Social engineering attack do you have a strong password  your authentication app. Always at hand this does not necessarily mean that you will not be a victim of another type of attack. Methods to secure your account in the form of fa concern protection against the so-called automatic attacks.

A cybercriminal may take advantage

Social engineering attacks (especially on facebook accounts) in turn a clever way of using certain information. You have already published Special Phone Number Data online which will be used by criminals to take further steps. Example you go on holiday to croatia relax on the beach and publish beautiful photos of the monuments visited by your family on your social media accounts.  of this fact and call you impersonating a facebook consultant with the alleged information that the website has recorded an attack on your account from an ip address belonging to a croatian network.

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The consultant will gain even

The alleged consultant may ask you to take immediate action by clicking on a link sent by the “Facebook protection system” to your email inbox.  more Whatsapp Number credibility by informing you that this process is completely safe because it takes place over an encrypted https connection . Clicking on the link will redirect you to a fake website where you must enter your login and password – this way the criminal will obtain another piece of the puzzle.

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