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Multitasking requires other skills such as managing time agents have many tasks to do such as responding to customer calls to create reports and updating databases. They should have the skills to control the time spent on each task in order to complete all tasks in the time required. Organized means that when agents have a task like responding to a ticket, they are not going to be frustrated not to search anywhere to find answers to queries.

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They should know what to do next and where to find answers to special data customer’ queries Set priorities Not all tasks should be completed immediately. As we said earlier in our decision making, agents should define urgent and non-emergency tasks. Which queries can wait without any catastrophic results Which ones need to be completed immediately? Problem solving As we mentioned, the work of the contact center is related to problem solving.

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Therefore agents should have problem-solving skills to handle customer ’ complaints. Problem-solving skills are not only related to Phone Number SA  routine problems for which solutions have been documented. It is to find solutions for more complex problems without problem and solution directories. Therefore, the call center evaluation should include simple and complex problems to test the problem solving skills Communication skills

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