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They effectively convey information – on the Internet, we often scan texts in search of key information instead of reading everything from cover to cover. Combining text with graphics allows you to extract the most important content and focus the attention of recipients. 7 interesting types of infographics Creating an infographic is not just a visual representation of data. It is the use of text and graphics to tell stories that present facts, figures and often complex information in a visual form, thanks to which they can be more understandable to the recipients. It depends on the topic discusse what kind of presentation will be the most optimal. There are several specific types of infographics that will help you present topics in a way that attracts a lot of attention facts about Similarly.

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This type of infographics also includes those offering X interesting facts about or X myths. It’s a simple pattern that can be successfully applie to many topics. Firstly, because the calculations organize the collecte data in a clear way and announce the phone number list story, the length of which is preetermine. Secondly, the title arouses curiosity, because it promises. More popular topics that can appeal to a wider audience will be more successful than niche topics. info1 2. X ways to Speaking of calculations, another effective infographic model is to include a list of tips showing how to cleverly deal with a task or problem.

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This material is eagerly reviewe and share, because tips/tips/ideas/tricks provide the recipients with the information they are looking for and set the Phone Number SA scope of actions that are worth taking. They often help organize time and work in a more efficient way, and who doesn’t want that? info4 3. X lessons from successful people rituals, habits, experiences of people. They present a variety of topics – from efficiency lessons, through in-depth advice, to simple summaries on, for example, what business people eat for breakfast.

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