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To have access the worker must have regularly

Contributed to the Fund during this period. It is important to highlight that the period of work does not need to be continuous or in the same company. To have access theke the three years can be added together according to the contribution time. To use the FGTS , the client cannot have any other financing open in their name, nor be the owner of any other property in the municipality where they live and/or work, including municipalities that are part of the same metropolitan region and of course. They must be the holder of the property that will be financed . Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies.

When can the customer withdraw the FGTS?

According to the Caixa Econômica Federal website, the FGTS balance can only be withdrawn to purchase residential properties. Already built or under Kuwait Telegram Number Data construction. As we mentioned previously, it can be used to start financing, in accordance with the rules of the Housing Financial System or other government programs.To have access theke it can also be used to deduct bills or pay off installments. But to use the FGTS to pay off outstanding balances or pay off installments, payments must be regularized. We highlight that the FGTS can also be used to acquire land and finance the construction of your own home. Knowing this information, the customer who wishes to withdraw their Guarantee Fund to buy a property must inform their bank or financial institution.

These will be the people responsible who will communicate

Then, after meeting all prerequisites and requirements and authorization is granted. The amount will be transferred to the property seller’s account. Check out the main rules for using FGTS when purchasing property. Work card with money Thailand Telegram Number List inside To the buyer. Minimum of three years of formal employment (sum of periods worked, whether consecutive or not). It is not necessary to be working with a formal contract at the moment. You cannot have active financing in the Housing Financial System (SFH) ; You cannot own another residential property or the residential part of a mixed property (half residential, half commercial), completed or under construction, which is located in the municipality where you live or work, nor in municipalities in the same metropolitan region; The value of the transaction is limited to the lowest value of the propert.

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