To sum up a password is one

To make your life easier and reduce the risk use a password manager that will generate the appropriate string of characters for you and save them in an encrypted form. In fact for everyday use you should use one password – for your account in a password manager which stores other data. Of course make sure that the password is also very strong.  of the elements that protects access to your facebook and instagram accounts – so it is not worth using simple obvious solutions such as the dog’s name with the year added. Turning on two-factor authentication ( fa) – how does it work two-factor authentication is a layer of protection during login that requires an additional element to validate the operation.

Fa in itself reduces the risk

The popular fa (two factor authentication) can take several forms depending on the decision of the operator and the user himself verification via code sent in an sms message verification via a one-time code in the authentication application sending Australia Mobile Number List a one-time code to the user’s email address . authenticator application example of fa protection in the microsoft authenticator application in the case of facebook the user can use fa protection in two ways – via sms and via a mobile application e.G. Google authenticator. Authentication app or sms code even such a secure login method as fa has its more or less risky solutions.of taking over access to facebook and instagram accounts but… There is always some risk of breaking this security.

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Example of fa protection in the microsoft

Just answer the questions what if the attacker has access to my email account and what if I log in to a given application (not necessarily facebook) via fa with an email code is a one-time sms code completely safe if there is a chance that someone has cleverly Australia WhatsApp Number List duplicated the sim card with my phone number (this was written about by among others niebezpiecznik ) in the perspective of these threats (although low-risk but still present in poland) choosing an authentication application seems to be a more reasonable solution.

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