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To understand better when you invest in the Google search

You create your campaigns by choosing which search terms should lead to your real estate website and only pay for customers who click on your ad. Learn more in the following topics: How does Google Ads work? Google Ads uses an auction system in its ads. This means that when you advertise on Google. Yyou compete with other companies that use the same keywords as you or that have the same target audience. So the auction was the way they found to define which ads will be displayed. The classification of this auction takes into account the cost-per-click bid and the quality score.

The relevance of the ad and the experience

The landing page (originality, transparency and ease of navigation) are also taken into account. Types of Google Ads campaigns: Check out the types of Google Ads campaigns that can be used by real estate agents Belgium WhatsApp Number Data and real estate agencies to promote their properties: Search Network Campaign As the name suggests, search campaigns are those where the ad appears on search pages when the user performs a search. Also known as sponsored links, they appear according to the keywords chosen for the campaign. These links are usually located in the first search results and are marked as sponsored.

You may have already seen banners on websites and apps

Usually advertising products and services related to your latest Google searches. Well, these ads usually appear to millions of people who access the internet around the world. Discovery Campaign These Brazil WhatsApp Number List ads often appear on YouTube and Gmail, usually located on the “home” and “watch next” tabs on YouTube and the “promotions” and “social” tabs in Gmail. Video campaign (Youtube) These campaigns appear on YouTube and partner sites, usually before, during or after a video the user is watching. Max Performance Campaign Max performance campaigns are mainly based on goals and usually use the entire Google Ads “catalog”.

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