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Top tips from technical writers

If your content fails to land on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you’ll see Clickthrough Rates (CTRs) nosedive to less than one percent. The difference between CTR in 1st position #1 on Google is significant compared to 2nd position #2 – 40 percent click vs. 18 percent. If your content fails to land on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you’ll see CTRs nosedive to less than 1 percent.

Now that you know what SEO writing is, let’s look at advice from DMI experts and some takeaway tips you can apply to your own work.

Which will be highly competitive to rank for

 Which will be highly competitive to rank for. The content your users or potential customers are looking for so using keywords will help avoid a disconnect between your content and audience. Direct content creation: if you latest database understand what keywords people search for. You can tailor content to match that search nee. Target keywords within your reach: make sure to target keywords that are not too competitive and realistic. Base on your current seo presence. Keyword research helps to differentiate between transactional keywords.

Buy and mint products on digital platforms

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