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Since then the sale price has become very low and Professor Coleman has been fired. Several of my colleagues have either lost their jobs or been forced to live on meager wages as many have long awaited the realization that  company based on ad-based business. These are just a few examples of well-known companies that are filled with very smart people and talented employees but fail to turn a profit.

So actually what chance do you and I have

Still do believe it Well let’s do some simple math. Let say you want to quit your job and run your own. Online business for the rest of your life. Let’s also assume that you decide you need ten thousand. Dollars per year to live comfortably Honduras WhatsApp Number List while saving enough. For retirement There are many viable business models. To choose from but to stop you from believing that you can make real money. Selling ads let look at the numbers If you choose this route. Assuming you have some familiarity with internet math.

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Target Yearly Dollars Monthly Average

could be higher or lower depending on your niche Do you know how hard it is to get  visitors? Now you can pay for it Indonesia WhatsApp Number List through social ads etc but if you only monetize your website through ads you will never make a profit. Okay so you’re going to be relying on getting traffic for free right? There are millions of websites out there on every imaginable topic so you’re most likely not going to come up with something new.

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