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Were the images taken out of context or edited?

Try researching the original sources and the broader context before believing any information. Decontextualization is a key element of fake news . Were the images Does the headline reinforce or use any stereotypes or reinforce racial, religious, political and cultural divisions? It is important to take this point into consideration because fake news appeals to prejudices and stigmas to promote misinformation. What are the sources of the information? Check the sources provided for the content, see if they are legitimate or if they address a context honestly. Fake news uses distorted sources or, even worse, does not offer any type of source at all. Who shares the information? Pay close attention to the type of profile.

Of course, not all profiles that share fake news

But the use of internet bots is very common in the spread of fake news . Who else shared the information? Look for other locations and sources for the news. If it is reported by reliable and serious channels, this is a good sign. If this is only France Phone Number Data reported on obscure portals, the chances of it being fake news are very high. report it Another fundamental step is to report posts, content and media in general whenever you realize that it is fake news, misinformation or condoning some type of crime. Most social media platforms offer built-in tools to facilitate the reporting process. In more serious cases (such as encouraging crimes, scams and violent acts), it is very important to contact the competent authorities and report what you saw.

Prevent yourself Prevention is better than cure and

You can take several actions to help reduce the chances of falling for fake news and, of course, help protect the people you know. It is very important to avoid overexposure on social media. This makes it difficult for certain algorithms that use Estonia Phone Number List profiles and specific information to disseminate disinformation, spreading lies specific to each type of group, social class, age group and political ideology, for example. Look for more than one source on a subject, see different versions and question the motivations of those who produced and disseminated the content. This may not make you completely immune to fake news , as even the most skeptical and critical person can fall for a lie, but it definitely improves your interaction with social media and the internet and improves your critical sense.

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