What content does google value

What content does google value How does google treat artificial intelligence texts july | entry updat july what will happen to your blog or online store if you start publishing texts generat by artificial intelligence your website will drop to lower positions or maybe you will get a penalty from google and disappear from the search results read on and learn how google treats ai content. Table of contents hide. Does google block ai-creat content Do you create poor quality texts ai doesn’t have to be to blame for this . How does google evaluate content quality .  what content does google value good content does not only affect the website on which it was publish e.G. A specific article.

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It also influences the evaluation of the entire domain in google rankings e.G. A blog e-store or news portal. For this reason it is worth paying special Cyprus Email List attention to the quality of “Produc” articles product descriptions or categories. If all subpages within your domain are provid with high-quality content you can rest easy.  when you start publishing shallow low-value texts from time to time that are not useful to the client or reader google has made it a priority to provide the best possible experience for users who search for information in the most popular search engine.

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Good content means good positioning

Therefore content that meets the user’s nes is display first. If your content does not exhaust a given issue and forces the user to return to the search Cyprus Phone Number results or is simply aggressively optimiz only for seo it will be rat worse in the long run. From the very beginning we have focus on rewarding high-quality content. This process continues today thanks among other things to our ranking systems that indicate reliable information and a system of useful content. Users using the search engine will receive content creat mainly with people in mind not rankings.

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