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What general terms back end developers

If you are interested in knowing other terms in backend . At Dicoding there is a Developer Academy class: Learning to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners . This class is part of Back-End Developer which is organized together with Amazon Web Services and other industry players. 12 Back-end Developer Terms You Must Know – end Also read the following optional articles: What is REST Web Service: Back-End Developer Tutorial Announcement of Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Phase 1 for Vocational School, College and General Students Node.js Tutorial: What is Node.js and basics of Node.js Media and entertainment consumers face transformation across industry sectors. Companies have reinvented the way they create content, optimize content supply, and compete for audience attention across streaming , broadcast, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms .

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AWS aligns its media and entertainment capabilities by providing five solutions to help customers transform the industry. With AWS, you can choose the right tools and partners to speed up production. Five Services and Solutions for Media and Entertainment Content Production Content production from AWS lets you quickly set up a remote studio for ws database artists, editorial workflows, platform collaboration, and rendering. Content production from AWS is a solution when faced with unprecedented audience demand for creating new content, as well as an increase in remote content production. AWS also provides the most comprehensive set of cloud capabilities for producing content. You no longer need to spend less time managing hardware and rendering processes .

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And collaborate using a virtual workplace running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4dn with technology from NVIDIA RTX. Media & Archives Supply Chain Centralizes content storage, processing, creation, and distribution operations to the cloud . AWS’s cloud has unique capabilities and earned Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards for Phone Number SA supply chain and media archiving. AWS has unmatched experience in supporting supply chains, from conception, processing, manufacturing, and distribution to and from the cloud. Apart from that, AWS has 80 partners who have special tools for Media Supply Chain & Archive Applications.

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