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What is affectation heritage and how important is it.

Affected assets bring more security to real estate negotiations between clients and developers. This procedure is essential for the functioning and growth of the real estate market. As it serves to encourage the purchase of properties and protect those involved in these transactions. To delve into this topic, we need to understand some important elements of this process. Let’s start with developers, they are responsible for constructing and promoting buildings. They structure and idealize new ventures. In short, they begin the development of construction and sale of these future properties.

Real estate development, on the other hand

Reflects the set of actions related to the sale of these properties, still in the plan or in progress. In this way, projects can be completed using resources arising from sales made. For this practice to occur in a clear and safe manner, there are real estate laws Indonesia Telegram Number Data that provide legal support for this procedure to occur. One of these Laws is the Condominium and Incorporation Law or as it is also known: Real Estate Incorporation Law. The purpose of this standard is to regulate developers throughout the development process of a building until its sale/rent. It guarantees that the project will be exactly as it is in the blueprint and that construction will be carried out as established by the developer.

The person responsible for the developer needs to go to

A real estate office and carry out the project legalization process. The allocated equity came to ensure that the properties are delivered to their buyers. However, the term is still a source of doubt among real estate agents , real estate professionals and Japan Telegram Number List especially clients, who are afraid of buying off-plan properties. Therefore, we prepared this content to clarify what earmarked assets are and how important they are. What is affectation equity process that separates the land where the project will be built from the developer’s other assets. This standard was regulated in 2004, by Law 10,931 .

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