What is my marketing strategy during the summer?

Maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but my feeling is that every year we waste an average of 3 months to grow our business and get ahead of our competition. Between summer, Christmas, Easter, long weekends, intensive days, etc. We spend much of the year starting and stopping. No, don’t think that I am proposing to live only to work, just to put a little common sense into our way of doing it. Every year we waste an average of 3 months to grow our business and get an advantage over our competition. Summer arrives and economic activity in general is almost completely disrupted. At the end of June, companies take their foot off the accelerator and begin to postpone projects until September.

Market activity should not block marketing

I’m seeing both extremes in my marketing mentorships . A company that is in the middle of the high season and another industry email list that is in the low season. Well, both have reduced their activity to a minimum. I imagine you’re thinking: ” How can that happen?” » In larger companies there is a certain structure that allows these things to happen less. But let’s remember that the vast majority of companies do not have the budgets or the people necessary to avoid it. In the first case due to lack of hands and the second due to lack of strength. The ideal is that the first would take the opportunity to sell more and the second would prepare for the new course. They both continue doing things, of course. But they are missing out on a number of incredible opportunities.

SMEs don't understand how marketing works

his is the real reason. They are clear that they need to do marketing to sell, but not what needs Phone Number SA to be done to make that happen. Some are clear about it, but they are not willing to bet on it. For marketing to work we must work all year round. Starting from a good strategic definition, each month’s work is divided into the short and medium term. What things should I attend to now and what things should I prepare? (let’s plan for a lifetime). Digital marketing strategy for summer This brings me to my initial approach and a question that many SMEs ask: How can I give my best during high season? Taking advantage of the rest of the year to prepare.

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