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What is property regularization?

As the name suggests, regularization aims to adapt properties so that they comply with local real estate legislation. What is This regularization may refer to the registration of the , its ownership, possession or other documentation. It covers several processes that are carried out to bring the into compliance with the law. In other words, it is the procedure that makes a legally capable, establishing its ownership and making. It a real estate within legal guidelines. It is common for regularization to be linked to adverse possession, but it can also involve other bureaucratic issues, such as an incorrectly written registration, or some contradiction in the architectural project.

Why is it important to regulate the property

The main objective of regularization is to remove the property from illegality. Making it ready to be traded. If the is in an irregular situation. it may be inspected and fined, depending on which infraction is being committed. When it comes Hong Kong Telegram Number Data to commercial real estate, it can even be prevented from operating. And of course. A that is in hiding cannot be registered, nor have access to real estate financing , nor be sold and it is also not possible to register it with the Registry Office. Furthermore, he is ineligible for donation or inheritance cases and this situation can affect the client financially, and could even make him lose his .

All of this can be avoided with regularization

With the regularized, the client will be able to negotiate it calmly and can also stay up to date with the payment of their taxes . It is Iran Telegram Number List also through regularization that the owner has his real right to the . Without the deed, records and everything else. According to the law, there is no confirmation that the belongs to the client. With a regular , the client avoids countless problems with the law. It is important that the real estate agent explains to his client that without the regularization of the property he cannot carry out any legal transaction. In other words, you cannot sell, use as collateral, transfer, etc.

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