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What is Real Estate Registration?

Real estate registration is also known as IPTU (Urban Property and Land Tax) registration. It is characterized by a number, generate by the municipality itself and aims to identify the property in the Municipality’s Real Estate Registry. At the beginning of the first quarter, you need to pay special attention to your real estate registration, that is, the IPTU booklet . This is because, during this period of time. Owners of houses or establishments receive in their properties the booklet to pay the Urban Property and Territorial Tax. Generally the tax is mandatory, but there are some exceptions provide for by law. The tax is charge by City Halls and aims to raise resources for public coffers.

To calculate the IPTU rate, the market value of the property

Which is normally indicated in its registration, is used as a basis. Check out what real estate registration is and other important information about this Iraq Telegram Number Data topic that is part of the real estate market. What is real estate registration. Document pastes The real estate registration, as its name suggests, is a property identification code. Generate by the city hall or specialize registry office with the aim of recognizing it in the registry of your municipality. This means that both commercial and residential properties have a number. This registry contains information and characteristics regarding the property’s address, built area, lot, market value, data note in the tax records of each city and even additional information about the owner.

This data serves as the basis for the IPTU calculation that

We mentione previously and which takes place every year . It is also the basis for calculating ITBI and other municipal taxes. The rules for registration Mexico Telegram Number List numbering vary according to the municipality . But, generally, this inscription is a sequence of numbers – and in some cities it may also contain letters of the alphabet. Importance of real estate registration for IPTU real estate registration to calculate IPTU As we mentione previously. The real estate registration is usedto calculate the IPTU . City halls need the information containe in the property’s registration certificate, to know the land area. Built area, age of the building, address, among other important data and, of course, the market value of the property.

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