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When is it necessary to issue the PTAM?

The valuation of a property may be necessary on many occasions.  When is it necessary  The appraiser may be contacted to issue the report in the following situations.Legal actions, review of rents, inventories, repossession, etc. Purchase or construction of a property. Buying or selling real estate; Financing; Fiduciary alienation , seizure or to ensure that the value of the property is equal to the value agree in the agreemenT. Expropriations, generally to define the value of the tax base; Asset management.Sharing of inheritance assets. The PTAM is a serious and highly responsible document. as it can have a major impact on the most diverse negotiations.

Which is why the property appraiser needs to specialize and be

Regularize with the responsible bodies. How important are these acronyms for the property appraiser. Man in a suit in an office room. As we have seen. Knowing both acronyms is essential for anyone. Who wants to pursue a career as an appraiser or be Mexico Telegram Number Data a broker qualifie for this role. The CNAI as the main registration to become a property appraiser and the PTAM. Which is the document that the appraiser will issue in his activities. The two form the basis for the professional who evaluates properties. As one is what makes him able to act and the other will be the implementation of his service. It is important to remember.

It must be carrie out professionally and within the law

Real estate agents who want to become more complete professionals and have a difference. Their services should invest in the property Vietnam Telegram Number List valuation course and register with the CNAI. In addition to being qualifie to issue an appraisal report to your clients when necessary.  This service is also highly sought after in the market. Consider that becoming an appraiser can be a good opportunity to increase your income and expand your network of contacts.

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