When there is a transfer by donation of any title

Real estate and any other assets and rights that the donor wishes to grant to one or more people. However, And in this situation, the person who pays the tax is the donee, that is, the person who receive the donation. In conclusion,  In both scenarios, the tax falls on the market value of properties , assets and rights. Transmitte by legitimate or testamentary succession (including provisional succession) and also by donation. Include in the application of the tax are assets that are divide into common assets, sharing or granting, to one of the spouses, cohabitants, or some other heir.

Who are the ITCMD contributors

Who pays the ITCMD I – in the “cause of death” transmission: the heir or legatee. II – in the trust: the fiduciary; III – in the donation: the donee; IV- in the transfer of inheritance or assets or rights on a non-onerous basis: the assignee. When the Brazil Telegram Number Data taxpayer, for some reason, does not comply with their obligation. Which in this case is to pay the tax, they must respond jointly or be held responsible for their omission. I – the notary, clerk and other official servants, in relation to taxable acts carried out by them or before them, due to their office; II – the company.

Financial and banking institution and anyone responsible for

Registering or carrying out an act that involves. The transfer of movable or immovable property and the respective right or action. III – the donor, the Canada Telegram Number List transferor of goods or rights, and, in the case of the sole paragraph of the previous article. The donee; IV – any natural or legal person who holds the property transferre or is in their possession. In accordance with this law; V – parents, for the taxes owe by their minor children. VI – guardians and curators, for the taxes owe by their wards or wards; VII – administrators of third party assets, for the taxes owe by them; VIII – the executor, for the taxes owe by the estate. Source: ITCMD TAX – Transmission Causa Mortis and Donation.


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