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Explanation of Databases you can read

What is a Database? Examples of Products and Their Functions . Unit Testing The next word is unit testing. Unit Testing is a level of testing in software where the components. Of the software are separated and tested individually. The purpose of this testing is to validate that each component. In the device such as functions, subroutines  methods. Or properties can run as planned. Usually testing is carried out from the smallest components. Unit testing is carried out before the software enters the Integration testing stage. It can be said, unit testing is the initial stage of testing for a software. Cache Then there is cache. Cache is a component that can store recently . Used information so that it can be accessed quickly at a later time. Cache is commonly used by browsers and applications.

The information stored by the cache

Temporary so browsers and applications do not need to download the information repeatedly. HTTP Verbs HTTP verbs or also known as HTTP requests are a collection of actions carried out to request certain resources from the server. HTTP verbs consist of several methods, such as GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, and others. Integration ws data Testing Integration testing is the stage after unit testing has been completed. Integration testing is a level of testing in software where previously separated components are combined and tested as a group. The goal is to find out the location of errors in the interactions between integrated components. Request Next there is a request. The request itself is a message or request sent by the client to the server. When the server receives a request sent by the client, the server will process the request using.

Response After discussing requests

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The Get and Set methods. now we will discuss responses. Response is a message sent by the server to the client as an answer. After the server receives a data request from the client, the server will process the request, then the server will send the processed data back to the client. Authentication Phone Number SA Next is authentication. Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a person or device to determine whether that identity matches the identity stored in the system. Common examples of authentication are the process of entering a username and password when logging into a website, or verifying a fingerprint on a device. Authorization The last term is authorization.

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