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You can give it to them Therefore instead of artificial fibers choose natural ones pleasant to the touch and breathable. you don’t have to wield a brush like matejko to be able to successfully sell your paintings. You can sell custom portraits or caricatures as well as your own compositions.  and can combine colors well try pouring – a technique of pouring acrylic paints. Pouring with paints it may not sound impressive but the paintings creat with it can delight and thanks to the fact that they fit perfectly into modern interiors they find recipients willing to buy them.

If you have an artistic sense

An interesting idea for what you can make with your own hands and sell if you like painting are icons. However this requires prior preparation (you ne to learn the technique) and time (writing an icon consists of several stages and may take USA Email List several weeks). Icons are often bought as gifts e.G. For baptisms first communions or wdings and making them is quite a niche activity. Perhaps there is a place for you in this niche painting and personalizing clothes many people express their personality through clothes and will not be satisfi with clothes from popular chain stores.

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Some will look for something for themselves from less known brands others will prefer something truly unique. Painting or embroidering clothes shoes and accessories (e.G. Backpacks) allows you to turn an ordinary and repetitive item of clothing into USA Phone Number List an original work of art. If you want to do this and make money from it you can offer both off-the-shelf products and a customization service to order.  become accustom to sending wishes over the phone or online traditional greeting cards are still not completely out of use.

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