Emergency Phone Number List Assam

During Emergencies, Having Immediate Access to the Right Assistance Is Crucial. This Article Provides a Comprehensive List of Emergency Phone Numbers Specifically for the State of Assam, India. by Familiarizing Yourself with These Numbers, You Can Ensure Prompt and Efficient Communication During Critical Situations, Enhancing Your Safety and That of Those Around You.

Assam State Emergency Helpline:

the Assam State Emergency Helpline Serves as the Primary Contact for All Emergency Estonia Phone Number List Situations Within the State. Dial 112 or 100 to Reach This Helpline, Which Is Operational 24/7 and Connects You to the Appropriate Emergency Services, Including Police, Fire, and Medical Assistance. Clearly State Your Emergency and Location to Ensure a Swift Response from the Authorities. Save These Numbers in Your Phone or Keep Them Readily Accessible for Immediate Access to Help During Emergencies.

Medical Emergency Helpline:


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in Case of Medical Emergencies, You Can Contact the Medical Emergency Helpline for Immediate Assistance. Dial 108 or 102 to Reach This Helpline, Which Connects You to Ambulances and Medical Professionals. Whether It’s a Critical Illness, Accident, or Other Medical Emergencies, the Helpline Can Dispatch the Necessary Help Promptly. Make a Note of These Numbers and Share Them with Family Members or Neighbors to Ensure Everyone Can Quickly Access Medical Assistance When Needed.

Women’s Helpline:

for Women Facing Emergencies or in Need of Support, the Women’s Helpline in Assam Offers Phone Number SA Assistance and Guidance. Dial 181 to Reach This Helpline, Which Provides Support for Issues Such as Domestic Violence, Harassment, or Any Form of Distress. Trained Professionals Are Available to Listen, Provide Counseling, and Connect Women with Appropriate Resources and Services. Keep This Number Readily Accessible for Immediate Help or Share It with Those Who May Require Support During Challenging Situations.


Being Aware of Emergency Phone Numbers Specific to Assam Is Vital for Quick Access to Critical Assistance. Save the Assam State Emergency Helpline, Medical Emergency Helpline, Women’s Helpline, and Child Helpline Numbers in Your Phone or Keep Them Readily Accessible. by Doing So, You Can Enhance Your Safety and Effectively Seek Assistance During Emergencies in the State of Assam, India

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